Bluffton Precast Concrete

Bluffton Septic Tank Co. was acquired in 1968 by James D. & Phyllis W. Akin, . Now known as Bluffton Precast Concrete Co., several expansions and improvements have been made in almost 5 decades of Akin family ownership.

Quality, Service, Dependability

Bluffton Precast Concrete’s management has for almost 50 years had a goal, achieve excellence in, product Quality, customer Service and our teams Dependability. Thusly, we do not ask why, we ask when. We appreciate you as a customer, you are the reason our company exists, we will never forget this. You should expect our products and service to be of the highest quality available in today’s marketplace. If for some reason you feel that we are not doing our job, I expect to hear about it from you. Customer input is the only way we can continue to be the best supplier in our industry.

David Akin

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P.O. Box 161, 8950 North Dixie Highway Bluffton, Ohio 45817-0161

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